NFL 2014 Week 13 Picks

Bend it like Beckham
Bend it like Beckham

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, so let’s not mess around here! A couple of quick points about last week’s games before I make my picks for the weekend, then go and brine the turkey.

  • Oakland won a game. Against the Chiefs who were coming off a victory over the reigning Super Bowl Champions.  But mostly, the Raiders won a game.
  • Cleveland beat Atlanta to move to 7-4, while the Falcons fell to 4-7.  However, the Browns are bottom of the AFC North and Atlanta are top of the NFC South.
  • Eli Manning overthrew a receiver – not for the first time – but Odell Beckham was able to catch the ball anyway, yet the touchdown did not help the Giants who lost to the Cowboys in New Jersey.
  • That might be the most understated sentence you will find about that catch on the whole of the internet.
  • Green Bay and New England continued to look like the strongest contenders in each of their divisions and the two meet at Lambeau Field this Sunday.
  • The Jets vs Bills game in Buffalo had to be moved to Detroit on Monday night, which has resulted in my favorite stat of the year: the Bills have the same number of wins in Detroit (2) so far this season, as they do in Buffalo.
  • That turkey will not prepare itself so onto the picks.

Week 13 Picks

Last week, 8-7; Season, 95-81

Home teams in bold

Bears +7.5 over Lions

Cowboys -2.5 over Eagles

Seahawks +0.5 over 49ers

Bills -1.5 over Browns

Bengals -3.5 over Buccaneers

Texans -6.5 over Titans

Colts -9.5 over Washington

Raiders +7.5 over Rams

Panthers +2.5 over Vikings

Steelers -3.5 over Saints

Jaguars +2.5 over Giants

Ravens -5.5 over Chargers

Falcons +2.5 over Cardinals

Packers -3.5 over Patriots

Broncos -1.5 over Chiefs

Dolphins -5.5 over Jets



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